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Travel Photography from India and Ireland, Paintings and a Chess Game in Colour















Namaste, welcome....The Photo Gallery has Travel Photographs from India, Photos from Ireland and Black and White Photography. Paintings are also available and both can be purchased as Signed Prints.

There's also a new Chess Game in Colour that is being showcased here (Co-Operative with a Unique Approach) ,playable online in different formats and constantly being developed. Prototypes have been made in the form of Handmade Carpets

Future exhibitions will feature artworks from different disciplines and by various artists.


Colour Chess

Games that encourage team work and creative thinking.

A family of intricate strategy games with the flavour of chess using the same moves as the traditonal game but changed from a competitive to a co-operative game.

Ready to Play ?? ready to play a chessgame in colour?









Dominique Beyens is a painter photographer who visits India on a regular basis, born Belgium -1965-he has traveled extensively and currently lives in Ireland

After having invented a game thats an alternative form of chess (about conflict-resolution) decided to make some prototypes in different materials and applications

-Recently he has been making handmade rugs and tapestries as another prototype to show the workings of this game.
-It involved a whole hamlet(village) near the old city of Benares (Varanasi)(India)+ a plethora of other people.

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(new) Digital_Doodles


all rights reserved-- copyright 2005 Dominique Beyens

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new : Ethnic Piano Antonio Breschi

"He is a genius whose music is without frontiers, and whose originality makes him one of the most innovative artists in the varied musical genres of today. He gives us a strong feeling of our roots and most of all he points in a new direction for the future." (Dublin's Hot Press Magazine)


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