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Chess Letters
Color_Chess_Pieces Play with Different Pieces
  • the same moves are used as in classic chess.
  • Matching pairs = good move
  • good move = both pieces can leave the board
  • finish the game as quick as possible or with the least possible moves




To play the computer game click here (Beta version VCC1.01 with Java Applet )




Alternatively you can play a manual game below.

Use your mouse to move the pieces


for updates visit webblog on

Update June 2005: we are working on the programming of this game ( move count, best score, timer,etc...) , everything should be up and running in a few weeks time and we will kick off everything with a tournament. (add this page to your favourites and revisit in a few weeks)

all rights reserved-- copyright 2005 Dominique Beyens


Chess Carpets

soproject 12 year in the making
This is one of the big carpets i made as an artproject (there are several other ones) as displayed at the festival of worldcultures (-Dun Loughaire- Ireland - 2004)Festival_of_Worldcultures

They have been made with "New Zealand Pure Virgin Wool" and involved a whole hamlet (village) near the old city of Benares (Varanasi) (India )+ a plethora of other people(muslims, hindus and christians) .Considerable time and energy has been spend to realise this venture.

As an artist i have been funding those prototypes trough the sale of my paintings and photographs(still do).

Art collectors or aficionados considering buying this labour of love , or sponsoring future projects can contact me via e-mail

An extra set of players (and board tiles) is also available as Limited EditionsMango Chess

to play a game with the carpets Mangoclick here or to visit some of my work environment Wool Girl click here and go here for Digital Doodles

for a general explanation on the workings visit some basics


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