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chess in colour mind game to develop innovative co-operative approaches



intricate strategy games with the flavour of chess.

Chess,as we play it today in black & white has as objective in mind to destroy its opponent.

the game i'm proposing in colour has a totaly different approach as it's objective is to finish a game without anybody being left out. (the 2 sides need to help each other to bring the game to a conclusion)

Here you'll find a family of different games

  • The goal : The most efficient clearing of the board
  • Instead of the capture of the opposing king, players work out a strategy to get all their pieces home the quickest way possible. The skill therein lies in negotiating the quickest path to clear the board.
  • Games are played with a co-operative mindset while tournaments can give them a competitive capacity
  • Games can be played with different pieces,boards, backgrounds. and several set ups.

a game can be played:

  • on your wn
  • 2 People
  • group
  • ------------
  • easy level
  • intermediate
  • difficult
  • ------------
  • computer game
  • board games +


  • the same moves are used as in classical chess.
  • Match the pieces to make a good move (capture in classical chess)
  • Good move = both pieces can leave the board.
  • finish the game as quick as possible or with the least possible moves-->>

How to Play



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Chess in Colour


project 12 year in the making
This is one of the big carpets i made as displayed at the festival of worldcultures (- Dun Loughaire Ireland - 2004)

They have been made with "New Zealand Pure Virgin Wool" and involved a whole hamlet (village) near the old city of Benares (Varanasi) (India )+ a plethora of other people(muslims, hindus and christians) .Considerable time and energy has been spend to realise this venture.

As an artist i have been funding those prototypes trough the sale of my paintings and photographs

Photographs. Paintings Carpets Prototypes

Art collectors or aficionados considering buying this labour of love , or sponsoring future projects can contact me via e-mail

Big Wool Chess Carpet



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