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Magic Carpet
Carpet Chess
First Chess Player Magic Carpet Chess


To play the computer game click here (Beta version VCC1.01 with Java Applet )


Alternatively you can play a manual game below.

Use your mouse to move the pieces




Chess CastleChess HorseChess BishopChess QueenChess KingBishop ChessHorse ChessTower Chess
Pawn ChessPawn Chess 3Chess PawnChess Pawn 2Chess Pawn 3Chess Pawn 4Chess Pawn 5Chess Pawn 6

Pawn ChessPawn Chess 2Pawn Chess 3Pawn Chess 4Pawn Chess 5Pawn Chess 6Pawn Chess 1Pawn 2
Castle ChessHorse Chess 4Bishop Chess 5Queen Chess 6King Chess 1Bishop Chess 2Knight Chess Tower Chess 4

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