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Update May 2005: we are working on the programming of this game, everything should be up and running in a few weeks time and we will start off everything with a tournament. (add this page to your favourites and revisit in a few weeks)

-----you can move all the pieces with your mouse --------if pieces -----------make one unit they leave the board----- finish the game as quick as possible or------

finish the game with the least possible moves play with carpetsmore information

some people will need for example 70 moves while others will need only 37 moves--(send me your amount of moves via e-mail)---info@theapplegallery.com

use the background squares as your board ( alternatively- go to transparent game)-- for an easier understanding of the concept go to some basics for a general explanation

---hint ----use the numbers (if numbers make a total of "7 "you made the right move and the pieces can leave the game)








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