5 Outdoor Activity Themes Pefect for KidsKids need a lot of opportunities to run around and play, and going outside is an excellent method for them to get it. Knowing how to structure that time spent outside is an important factor to consider when deciding what to do. With these fun outdoor activities for children of all ages, parents will have options that will help kids stay healthy and happy.

Water Play

During the summer, playing outside in the water is a wonderful way to spend the time and stay cool. Parents and caregivers can easily set up a sprinkler for simple wet entertainment without a lot of work or money. For kids who are growing bored of the plastic kiddie pool, people can bring out bath toys or color-changing toys to liven up the activity. A slip and slide on a surface with a slight grade can offer hours of contentment without the prices of the local water park.

Outdoor Art

For the crafty sort, going outside does not have to be a time to put away the paints and paper. The whole yard is an artistic surface ready for kids with an eye for style. Setting out an old sheet or a roll of butcher paper is equivalent to creating a paint-ready canvas for the budding Jackson Pollock. People can create a unique design for the yard by painting rocks and arranging them in a particular order. Sidewalk chalk is always a great way to while away the afternoon. Fidgety children might use the chalk to draw an obstacle course that they can then use to burn off some energy.

Classic Running Games

Of course, plenty of outdoor fun can be done without spending a dime. Children have been playing running games with their peers for centuries. Some of these activities are so old that many of them, like “Ring Around the Rosie,” have origins that no one can really identify for certain. Games like tag or Red Rover help kids to improve their gross motor skills and stay in shape during the summer. It also offers parents a free opportunity to pass a time-honored tradition on to the next generation.

Science Exploration

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and the backyard presents numerous chances to explore and learn more. All children need is a magnifying glass or binoculars, a pencil and a pad of paper to turn into scientists themselves. People can encourage kids to go on a nature scavenger hunt to find local plants, animals and insects. Enterprising parents could teach their children to identify animal tracks and habitats, so they can avoid disturbing them. The effort pays off with kids who know more about the world around them.

Snack Time

There may be no need to head back inside for a snack, when there are plenty of ways to make a meal in the great outdoors. People looking to cool down might enjoy the exercise and fun of ice cream in a bag. A sealed bag full of cream and sugar, surrounded by a bag filled with ice and rock salt, is all people need to make the frozen treat. On the hotter side, parents and caregivers might try building a solar oven. A box lined with paper, foil and plastic to transmit the sun’s rays could be as effective as an indoor oven for baking.

Staying busy does not need to be complicated or expensive, if people know how to use the gifts they get in the outdoors. By taking advantage of these outdoor fun choices, kids can stretch their bodies and minds in new ways.